Not just words.


Get the most out of your meetings. With a simple tweak to G Suite, Highlight transforms your interviews into endless moments of insight.

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Record audio directly in Google Docs

Highlight records and saves audio right where you already take notes.

Play text-synced audio from your notes

Highlight syncs your text to audio. See what you wrote and hear what was said.

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Skip the clutter with cloud recordings

Highlight keeps you clutter-free. Never deal with endless hours of recordings again.

Be in the moment. Never miss an insight.

Highlight frees you up to have more productive and mindful meetings. Be fully present now, review the highlights later.


Captures every word

Highlight’s audio recording allows you to have confidence that you won’t miss a thing. Even if you have to upload audio later.


Syncs audio to text

Get the full picture of what you thought and what you heard. Highlight syncs it up for you. Don’t worry about forgetting those aha moments. Instead, jot down your highlights.

Made for you.

Find exactly what you're looking for.

Highlight helps you easily recall what was important, so that insights come together naturally. You already sat through an hour-long meeting. Don’t spend another hour searching your notes for those lightbulb moments.


Document playback

Never worry about getting that quote or sound bite wrong. Highlight gives you confidence that you have every word available to you for whenever you need it.


Quick Search

Quickly search for your keywords and highlights. Don’t spend time scrubbing for the important moments in a conversation, find them in seconds, and spend more time expanding on your ideas.


Live Collaboration

Take notes and discover insights with teammates in real-time. Collaborate on interview synthesis by keeping a living record of what was said and what was thought.

Give G Suite superpowers.

Highlight meets you where you are, and improves the way you take notes (or don’t.)

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Native to G Suite

Use the system you know and love. Skip the extra training and stress over switching to a new app. With Highlight, you can search Google Drive for old notes with ease — your documents are all there in one place.

Keeps you clutter-free

Highlight recordings are stored in the cloud along with your Google Docs, making sure you don’t clutter up your devices.

Works the way you do

Only you think like you. Highlight is flexible to work within whatever style you prefer. Use your standard templates, discussion guides, and reports as you already do.

Give G Suite superpowers.

Highlight meets you where you are, and improves the way you take notes (or don’t).