Frequently Asked Questions



What does Highlight do?

Highlight syncs recorded audio to your notes/text. Highlight records your meetings directly from Google Docs and syncs the recorded audio with the notes you take, so you can quickly access the context and details to support your insights.


How is Highlight different from the way I already take notes?

If you usually take heavily transcribed notes during meetings, Highlight enables you to turn your focus to engagement and in-the-moment synthesis with the confidence that you’ll have all the context possible with text-synced audio.

If you take notes using audio recording or audio-transcription technology, Highlight takes away the excess time needed for review by actively mapping your notes to the audio recording.


Does Highlight transcribe audio for me?

Highlight is not a transcription tool. Highlight maps your own notes to an audio recording, freeing you up to engage in your meetings and get to insight quickly.


Is my device supported?

Highlight is currently an add-on for Google Docs. Record any meeting with Highlight using your default microphone.




What is the best way to take notes to get the most out of Highlight?

Don’t forget to hit record! Make sure your default microphone is working. No need to take endless notes, just jot down key insights, engage in your meeting, and Highlight will sync your text to the audio recording so you can refer back to the details/context whenever you need.


Does Highlight work with Zoom, Teams, etc.?

Highlight works with Zoom. You can use the upload recording feature to connect to your Zoom account and view the list of recordings you want to import to Highlight. The imported recording would be synced to your notes automatically. Other apps like Meet and Teams are not supported at present.


Does Highlight work with Safari?

Highlight is a Google Chrome extension currently available for Google Docs through the Chrome store.


Does Highlight work with MS Word?

Highlight supercharges notes through direct integration with Google Docs. Currently, Google Docs is the only supported word processor.


Does Highlight work with my headphones?

Yes. Highlight will work with your headphones if you are recording audio through the “Browser Tab” functionality. If your audio source is outside of the Browser Tab (e.g. Zoom application, in-person meeting, phone call) you will use the “Microphone” audio source.


Can I upload audio I already recorded?

Yes. You can upload your audio by finding the Highlight dropdown menu—a gear icon on the right side of your Google Docs toolbar. Once you click on the icon you will see a menu with a blue arrow in the bottom left corner. You can click on this blue arrow to upload a .mp3 or .wav file and follow the prompts on the screen. You’re all set! Please note that the number of files you can upload will depend on your plan and recordings must be under 2.5 hours in length.


Are there any keyboard shortcuts?

Yes. The default shortcuts are listed below. Users can configure their own shortcuts from the shortcuts page.


Windows OS Shortcuts

Default shortcuts for Playback:

  • Alt + A: Forward ten seconds
  • Alt + S: Back ten seconds
  • Ctrl + Space: Play/Pause

Default shortcuts for Recording:

  • Alt + R: Begin/End Recording
  • Ctrl + Space: Pause/Resume Recording


Mac OS Shortcuts

Default shortcut for Playback:

  • Ctrl + Space: Play/Pause

Default shortcut for Recording:

  • Ctrl + Space: Pause/Resume Recording

Additional shortcuts that can be configured from the shortcuts page.

  • Forward ten seconds in Playback
  • Back ten seconds in Playback
  • Begin/End Recording


Is there a limit to the length of a recording?

With Highlight Beta, the time limit for a single recording is 2 hours and 30 minutes. In the future, you will be able to simply start a new recording in the same doc for meetings that are longer.


Can I collaborate with others on Highlight?

Yes. Highlight includes all of the collaborative functionality you know and love from Google Docs.

Your friends, colleagues, or peers should download the Highlight app to access your recording and experience the magic of the text-synced audio.


Beta Program


How do I join the beta program?

Click here!


Is there a cost?

Highlight Beta is free. We want you to use the product to supercharge your notes and let us know what you think. We will reach out during the course of the Beta program to ask for your thoughts and feedback - what you’re loving and what you’re not.


Can I refer a friend?

Yes! Share this link so they can join the beta.


Can I access my recordings after the Highlight Beta program?

When the beta program ends, recordings will be available for users of Highlight premium.




How do I report an issue?

Please email with technical issues. Thank you!